Books are friends, not food. Fact.
Books are friends, not food
Mary, 25, loved books ever since I was a little girl. If I could spend my whole day reading, I would. Life unfortunately gets in the way.
Worldwide Book Club Announcement



Judging by the reaction of this post, I think it’s pretty obvious when I say that we all want a book club to happen. ohsomanybooks brought up the idea of having a Google Hangout which would allow all of us worldwide to join in on the fun. If we manage to pull it off correctly, I think this could actually work and as a tumblr book community, we’d have an actual book club which is super exciting!

The plan is to have a group of permanent hosts for the book club and working on a rotating schedule, 4 of us will appear on screen every month to give a live book talk.

So far, myself, books-and-cookiesohsomanybooks, readaroundtherosieliteratureloveaffair, thebooker, thebookhangover bluestockingbookworm,  pixelski and bookdrunkinlove are definitely going to be part of it and while I’ll be sending messages to certain people inviting them to become a host, you’re free to apply at with the subject line: Application to be a Book Host. As a general outline, you’ll have be doing the following things as a host:

  • decide on which book will be read every month with the other hosts of the book club
  • be given the password to which will be used to send emails to members of the book community detailing the book people should be reading that month in order to participate, and the time and date the google hangout will be held. 
  • participating in the actual book club by appearing on video once a month/two months to discuss the book with members of the book community (although if you aren’t comfortable with this, we can work something else out and you’ll still be a host)

Of course, this is all early stages that needs months of planning, and it might not even happen with a lack of people joining, uni interference, etc. but on the off-chance that it does happen we’d also need actual book members who’ll watch the livestream and will be able to comment and discuss the book with the hosts. 

This is where the rest of you guys come in. 

If you would like to become a member of the book club and participate in the livestream by discussing the book with us live please email saying that you want to become a member as well as your tumblr url, goodreads url and the email you want to be contacted at.

From here, I’ll add you to the contact list where I’ll send you an email with the details of when this book club will happen if it actually gets launched. 

I also encourage you to join the Worldwide Book Club Group on Goodreads for future information as well. 

And finally, like and reblog this if you want it to happen to signal boost it. Thanks! :)

More new hosts!

I’m going to be off tumblr and all other social media websites until late tonight because I have an online debate due tomorrow that I need to start but shoot an email to with the details mentioned above if you want to be a member and join the goodreads group. :)

Reblogging this for awareness purposes. We’ve started getting emails from people and we’re super excited! Keep sending them, ANYONE can join!

  traci-reads said:
Here is today's quote Everyone is handed adversity in life. No one's journey is easy. It's how they handle it that makes people unique. Kevin Conroy

I’ve missed you and your quotes, Traci!

Thank you and have a lovely day! <3

can you upload a picture of your current bookmark? =)

Bam, here it is :D

It was a gift from mariethelibrarian :D

Hugs! <3

  Anonymous said:
It's not true that the book blog community is open to everybody. You (well known book blogs) are so lovely with some people while ignoring others... I really want to be part of this family, but I don't feel it and this makes me sad. So, I'm going to read instead of tumblring. It's better.



Hey Nonnie,

I’m so so sorry you feel this way :( I know how it feels to feel lonely and left out and it’s something I would never wish for anyone. And I am so sorry if you feel like this towards me, because I try to never ignore anyone, not intentionally. Even if it takes me a while, I try to respond to everyone and try to be as kind and as open to people, regardless if I’ve known them for a long time or not, or if we’ve spoken before or not. 

Book brought us together. I’d hate to think that book lovers would deny someone the opportunity to talk about books. I’m very young in Tumblr terms, I’ve only had this blog for three months (and I’m far from considering myself a popular blog, there are people here with way more experience and a way bigger follower base), but I’ve been met with nothing but open arms and kind words. Sure, it’s impossible for all of us to be on the best terms or to have the same close relationships with everyone else, but bonds are made. Friendships are started here and they prevail. The key is to get involved. Say hi to people, tag them, comment on the books they’re reading. Things won’t happen over night, but they will happen eventually :)

I am so sorry if I have made you feel this way. It really pains me to think that something I may or may not have done has caused sadness to someone. I’ll try harder. I never want someone to feel that they can’t come to me with anything :(

Lots of hugs <3

You answered this wonderfully, Mary.

I am not going to lie, I am a little upset with this Anon. I understand feeling left out, etc. But seriously? You now have two of the sweetest people I know questioning themselves when they have been NOTHING but accommodating and sweet.

The book community, like any group of people, has some cliques in it. But we all inter-mingle, and talk sometimes. I don’t talk to duckduckbooks much anymore, but I DO know that she is a total sweetheart whom I can message at the drop of the hat and talk to if I want to. That is how we all are. There is not a single book tumblr on here who will not be overjoyed to talk books. Just because we don’t initiate the conversation doesn’t mean we aren’t listening.

Thank you so much for your support, Erin <3 You’re an amazing person <3

Thank you brandenemeyers as well <3


How We Feel When: People tell us they don’t read YA because the stories are too simple.